Sealing out Tooth Decay in Jackson, WY Nathan Tanner, DMD and Barry Hillam , DDS are as passionate about preventing dental emergencies as they are about fixing them. Many emergent oral health situations are a result of tooth decay. Severe decay and emergencies are best avoided through prevention. Elkridge Dental provides sealants in Jackson and near Yellowstone National Park. What Are Sealants? With so many causes of tooth decay, it is easy to forget that food simply sticking to the teeth can allow bacteria to grow. Sealants are plastic coverings applied to the tops of molars. This coating blocks food particles from getting stuck onto the teeth they cover. They can last as long as ten years if proper oral hygiene routines and regular dental checkups are followed, and are easily removed or replaced if damaged. If a sealant is lost, it is important to maintain dental health, as a molar that has been filled cannot be sealed again at a later date. Sealants’ Benefits When oral bacteria multiply, they produce an acid that eats away at the enamel of teeth and irritates gum tissue. This is how oral bacteria causes tooth decay and gum disease respectively. When food particles—especially sugary foods—get stuck on a tooth, the oral bacteria feeds off of it and reproduces rapidly. A tooth with food stuck on it is bathed in more acid than usual and so more susceptible to tooth decay. It is relatively easy to scrub food off of most teeth, but the molars have so many grooves and fissures that food particles can be stuck for a longer period of time without being cleared away. By covering the molars, sealants prevent food from getting stuck in the grooves of the teeth.. Younger patients are often still learning how to properly brush and floss, and are the most susceptible to decay. As such, sealants are a particularly important treatment for children. Placing Sealants The first step to receiving a sealant is to clear the tooth of all food debris, plaque, and tartar. Once the tooth has been cleaned, the sealant can be applied. The sealant is stored as a liquid, and this is poured onto the tooth. A UV light is then used to solidify and harden the plastic coating. Until the sealant needs replacement or removal, the molar is protected. Contact Us Today! Elkridge Dental offers sealants to families in or near Jackson. For more information, or to schedule your family’s next dental appointments, contact us today!

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